Generate and use SSL certificates on ELB

by Prasad Domala
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In this video I will show you how to create a self-signed certificate using OpenSSL and add it to Elastic Load Balancer on AWS cloud to enable SSL communication. I will be posting only the commands I used in this blog post. For detailed explanation and demo, please watch my above video. Please do post in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.


Generate private key and upload to AWS IAM

Generate private key
openssl genrsa 2048 > my-private-key.pem 
Generate self signed certificate
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha256 -days 365 -key my-private-key.pem -outform PEM -out my-certificate.pem 
Upload Self Signed Certificate to AWS IAM
aws iam upload-server-certificate --server-certificate-name MyCertificate --certificate-body file://my-certificate.pem --private-key file://my-private-key.pem 
List IAM Certificates
aws iam list-server-certificates --server-certificate-name MyCertificate 
Delete IAM Certificates
aws iam delete-server-certificate --server-certificate-name MyCertificate 

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