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How to schedule indexing in Webcenter Content

  • The easiest way to automate the Full/Fast Indexing in Webcenter Content 11g environment is to write an IdcCommand script that will run a service on content server to rebuild the search collection.
  • Then you can schedule IdcCommand to run whenever you want using Cron (Unix) / Task Scheduler (Windows)

Steps to create Indexing script:

1. Create a file called index.txt in the DOMAIN_HOME/ucm/cs/bin directory.

2. Put the following lines in index.txt file

3. Save the index.txt.

4. Make sure below line is added in intradoc.cfg file under DOMAIN_HOME/ucm/cs/bin

5. Navigate to the DOMAIN_HOME/ucm/cs/bin directory.

6. Run below command

7. After executing the above command, confirm from your content server log file in the /weblayout/groups/secure/logs directory that the index was rebuilt. Entries similar to below should be seen in the log.

8. Configure Cron (Unix) / Task Scheduler (Windows) to call the command from step 6.


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