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I am a Senior Cloud Professional specialized in AWS Cloud with 11 years of IT experience. I am enthusiastic about Serverless Architecture. I am an expert in Oracle Fusion Middleware.

How to avoid using Weblogic credentials in WLST Scripts

It is not advisable to use Weblogic credentials in plain-text format in WLST scripts when connecting to Admin Server using connect() statement. This can be achieved securely by generating two .secure files. One to store Weblogic credentials in encrypted format and the other to tore the encryption key to decrypt. 1. Connect to WLST [...]

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How to reset Weblogic Admin Password

1. Login to Weblogic administration console and take a backup of Security Realm/s. Navigate to Security Realms → Migration Tab → Export Sub Tab Select the directory for the backup on the server and click Save 2. Stop Weblogic domain including Admin and managed Servers. 3. Take backup of Admin Server data folder. [crayon-5c9af22646670900975410/] 4. [...]

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How to schedule indexing in Webcenter Content

The easiest way to automate the Full/Fast Indexing in Webcenter Content 11g environment is to write an IdcCommand script that will run a service on content server to rebuild the search collection. Then you can schedule IdcCommand to run whenever you want using Cron (Unix) / Task Scheduler (Windows) Steps to create Indexing script: [...]

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How to decrypt Oracle Weblogic Admin Password

1.Create a file named under DOMAIN_HOME/security from import * from import * encryptionService = SerializedSystemIni.getEncryptionService(".") clearOrEncryptService = ClearOrEncryptedService(encryptionService) # Take encrypt password from user pwd = raw_input("Paste encrypted password ({AES}abcd1234...): ") # Delete unnecessary escape characters preppwd = pwd.replace("\\", "") # Display password print "Decrypted Password is: " + clearOrEncryptService.decrypt(preppwd) [...]

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